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Peter Berg

Peter Berg (McKinsey & Co)

Peter Berg is the Director of Knowledge for McKinsey & Company’s global Paper & Forest Products Practice. He organizes and coordinates the industry-specific support to McKinsey’s project teams around the world and advises teams and clients on the industry, particularly on strategy and operations issues. Mr. Berg regularly presents McKinsey’s view on the forest products industry at industry conferences. His current particular field of interest concerns the Asian forest products industry and developments in climate change, bio-materials, bio-energy, and bio-fuels connected to the forest products industry.

Mr. Berg joined the Stockholm office of McKinsey in 1992 as a generalist consultant and project manager and worked with companies in several sectors, including telecom, transportation, and energy, before focusing completely on the forest products industry in 1995.

Mr. Berg earned his MBA from INSEAD in 1994. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Houston and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.